Research: We start with a number of questions to learn more about you, your business, and your goals and objectives for the video. During this part of the process we will search for key story elements that are necessary for your video to be informative and entertaining. 

Outline: Using the information from the research phase we will start to plan the shoot on everything from location,  lens selection, camera movement, lighting, sound, etc. An extensive shot list will be developed to ensure we have the necessary footage for the post production phase.

Film: After proper planning filming day will run smoothly. We come prepared with everything needed for a successful shoot. You can relax as we will handle everything and adapt on the fly as needed. 

Edit: We compile all the footage into a final piece that is cut, color graded and audio mixed and ready for distribution. We can create a variety of formats and sizes for specific social networks to meet all of your content needs.

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